Why stake?

You can stake your NFTs to earn a daily share of cPANZR tokens.

What is cPANZR?

cPANZR is a utility token that will be used for a free distribution of the official $KOBAN token that will be used for the Panzerdogs game.

How much $KOBAN will I get for my cPANZR?

At the time that the $KOBAN claim will be released, your % of the total cPANZR supply holdings will determine your % of the distribution.

I want to claim but the transaction doesn't show the full amount of cPANZR!

Depending on how long you've been staking you need to claim a lot of cPANZR, this has been split between multiple transactions so once you accept the first transaction you can claim the rest.

Where can I find the old staking page?

Visit https://www.panzerdogs.io/staking to get to the old staking page

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