Join Panzerdogs, an epic PvP tank brawler game available on desktop
and mobile by Lucky Kat Studios. Take command of your cadets and forge the ultimate tank to dominate the warzone. Ready to lead the pack?

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Dog recruits with in-game
perks, including the enhanced
Cyberdog variant.


Craft the ultimate tank by levelling up and unlocking new parts. Tanks take on many new forms in Panzerdogs.


Play and earn in exciting
PVP game modes, events,
and tournaments.



Our roadmap is designed to have the game development as highest priority in mind. We want to bring value to the community by starting development of the game as early as possible.

Step 1

Launch 5555 avatars on the marketplace on our website. Holders will get free tank part airdrops and future tokens

Step 2

Airdrop the first tanks to holders Tank Part rarity chart.

Step 3

Launch pre-alpha version of the game with avatar import and early battle mode (either single-player or early PVP mode)

Step 4

IDO of $KOBAN token. Launch of liquidity and staking pools. Launch of mobile version.

Step 5

Launch of a beta build where community can start battling online against each other in small arenas

Step 6

Release of $BOLT. New features: tank crafting, battle passes and leaderboards for play-and-earn mechanics.

Step 7

New game modes, e-sports events.


What is Panzerdogs?

Panzerdogs is an PvP tank brawler game available on desktop and mobile. Play through a variety of different game modes and online with friends.

What are the benefits of owning an avatar?

Owning an avatar gives in-game benefits such as getting free access to gated tournaments and the premium version of our seasonal battle pass. Please read our whitepaper for more details on future holder benefits.

Get your own avatar on Tradeport or Hyperspace.

How do I play Panzerdogs?

Play online at or download via the Google or Apple app store. Create an account and follow our tutorial by Private Pupper to learn the ropes of the battlefield.

How does tank crafting work?

Tanks consist of three components each with their own stats and rarity:

In the garage each part can be mixed together to create the ultimate tank. In future updates you can level up tank parts using SCRAP our soft in-game currency.

Check out the 'Tank Builder' section on our Meta website to see all tank statistics.

I’m an investor. Who should I contact for investment?

Send an email to

I have question, where can I ask?

Join our Discord server and ask in the general chat or via support ticket! Our Community Manager will help you out with any questions, collaboration requests, or concerns.

Where can I find more information on migration?

For full instructions on migration and un-staking, please read the return-faq & sol-migration channels in our Discord server.

If you are experiencing any difficulties please open a support ticket in our Discord.


Made by Lucky Kat Studios. A game studio from the Netherlands with a track record of having over 200 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play. We truly believe in the transition of games to web3 and that users should own each in-game asset.

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