play-to-earn tank brawler

Alpha build LIVE - NFTs on secondary markets:

play-to-earn tank brawler

Alpha build LIVE - NFTs on secondary markets:


Panzerdogs is a Solana NFT gaming project where players can own all of their in-game assets and use them for P2E and P2P battles. The game is built to play directly on mobile and desktop browsers.

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Pixel-art NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain.


Holders got free airdrops to build their first tanks.


Play to earn in the PVP arena.


Our roadmap is designed to have the game development as highest priority in mind. We want to bring value to the community by starting development of the game as early as possible.

Step 1

Launch 5555 avatars on the marketplace on our website. Holders will get free tank part airdrops and future tokens

Step 2

Airdrop the first tanks to holders Tank Part rarity chart.

Step 3

Launch pre-alpha version of the game with avatar import and early battle mode (either single-player or early PVP mode)

Step 4

IDO of $LUCKY token. Launch of liquidity and staking pools. Launch of mobile version.

Step 5

Launch of a beta build where community can start battling online against each other in small arenas

Step 6

Release of $BOLT. New features: tank crafting, battle passes and leaderboards for play-to-earn mechanics.

Step 7

New game modes, e-sports events.


When will the token be released?

We are working hard behind the scenes to launch the token in Q4 2022.

I’m an investor. Who should I contact for investment?

Send an email to

What are the benefits of holding a Panzerdog?
  • Depending on the number of avatar NFTs held and its rarity, benefits are granted in-game such as reduced wait time for crafting, higher chance of more rare parts etc. More details in the whitepaper.
  • Future $LUCKY token airdrops as a reward for early holders.
  • Early access to alpha and beta builds to test before they are made public.
Will there be a mobile version?

The game will support mobile web, and native (iOS, Android). The native version will be launched in Q3 2022.

Can I use my dogs or tanks in the Alpha Build even when they are staked?

Yes, you can continue to stake your NFTs and collect $cPANZR while using them in the game.

How do I play Panzerdogs?

You can play the Alpha Build online as long as you have a PanzerDog NFT (at least one dog). You’ll be able to play with any dogs and tanks in your wallet (or a guest tank if you don’t have a tank).

If you don’t have a PanzerDog NFT you can play our offline demo, Bootcamp without one, or get your own on marketplaces like,, or

Where do I buy Panzerdog NFTs?

You can buy these on marketplaces like,, or

I’m a Youtuber and want to use your content. Is that allowed?

Yes, you can find our media kit here.

How does crafting tank parts work?

The tank will consist of three components each with their own stats and rarity:

  • Turret
  • Body
  • Track

Each part can be crafted into a new part with new traits.

What are Cyberdogs?

Cyberdogs are a mutations of Panzerdogs, and a part of the original Genesis Collection. You need 2 Panzerdogs and 1 Panzerdogs Pill to mutate into a Cyberdog. Cyberdogs are more rare, have extra staking power, and will be able to go on idle missions to earn XP.

Can I play the Alpha Build without a Tank NFT?

Yes, as long as you have a dog - you will be able to use a guest tank (the rustbucket).

Who is behind Panzerdogs?

Lucky Kat Studios is the developer of Panzerdogs. They have a track record of over 200 million downloads on the App Store.

What is Panzerdogs?

Panzer Dogs is a PvE/PvP gaming project using NFTs, powered by Solana.


Made by Lucky Kat Studios. A game studio from the Netherlands with a track record of having over 200 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play. We truly believe in the transition of games to web3 and that users should own each in-game asset.

We are super excited to build our very first game on the blockchain.